The name of the Club originates from the word atlas meaning a giant. According to the ancient legend there was a wealthy island state that located west of Gibraltar in Atlantic. The island fell into the sea after been defeated by the Athens. The story tells also that there was an earthquake on Atlantis but some of the inhabitants managed to rescue themselves from the exploding volcano. The present heroes originate from these heroes of Atlantis in direct descent. We are proud of our heritage and of our name.

In 1980 a club called FC Norssi started to play on the division VIII level in Helsinki district. Step by step the club climbed up until in autumn 1995 it managed to reach second division (Kakkonen). At the same time the most talented players and background forces of other club called Johanneksen Dynamo with the lead of well-known musician Gosta Sundqvist joined FC Norssi. In the process the club got a new name Atlantis FC. From that point on the target was to build up a successful team and club with united forces.

The eventful story of Atlantis FC

Cooperation turned out to be a success story. The first season in Kakkonen ended unexpectedly to 3rd place under the new name of Atlantis FC. Next season when two matches were still to be played Atlantis FC was positioned 3rd and 5 points behind the leading club. But, like every nice story, this story ended happily and Atlantis FC promoted to first division (Ykkonen).

Seasons 1998-2000 Atlantis FC played in Ykkonen with good succeess. Season 2000 reached its climax in the qualifying matches against TPS in November when the dream came true: Atlantis FC promoted to Finnish Premier league (Veikkausliiga). Celebrations in Turku were witnessed by hundreds of Atlantis fans.

In the 2001 season Atlantis FC ended in Veikkausliiga to 7th place and won Finnish Cup for the first time in the history of the club. However after the season the main sponsor Finnforest withdrew his support. Atlantis Premier League team went bankrupt and the club had to continue in second division (Kakkonen).

Seasons 2002-2004 Atlantis FC played in Kakkonen but in 2005 the energetic challenger was back in Ykkonen. In 2006 the club was even close to promoting back to Veikkausliiga but didn't succeed and after season 2009 Atlantis FC relegated again to Kakkonen.

Seasons 2010-2016 Atlantis FC played in Kakkonen. In 2014 the club was close to promoting back to Ykkonen but Finnish Football Assosiation didn't grant a licence to the club. After this decision part of the club's background forces ceased and in 2017-2019 Atlantis FC played in third division (Kolmonen). However season 2019 was a new start for the fabulous club in Finnish football. Atlantis FC promoted back to Kakkonen and club's U20 team Atlantis Academy was the second best in Finland.

The strategy of Atlantis FC

Atlantis FC wants to be an energetic challenger in Finnish football. Our target is that Atlantis Academy is one of the best junior academies in Finland. This way we aim to produce good players for club's representative team and even for international fields.

Atlantis FC also wants to offer an opportunity to those players for whom football is only a good hobby. We aim to launch more hobby teams for players of different ages.